We provide a professional MC service for all events, including weddings, corporate/charity functions and celebrations. If you have an event that requires an MC, we can do it. If the type of event is a first for us, we guarantee we will research and quickly learn what we need to be a great MC for your event.

There is no job too big or too small and we thrive on challenges.

How much?

Our cost for most local events is $550.

This includes all preparation time, meetings, a detailed run sheet and both team members attending and hosting your event.

For this price, we will service events held in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and anywhere one hour outside of Brisbane. If your event is outside these areas, interstate or a corporate event, the price will vary but please contact us and we’ll quote you reasonably.

What you pay for

When you hire us, we want you to know exactly what your hard-earned money is paying for. We provide the same, diligent service for a birthday party as we do for a wedding or a corporate event.

Our service includes:

Two x 2-hour, face-to-face meetings (Skype if interstate).

We become acquainted with you and your event, from which we will prepare a comprehensive runsheet. This includes discussing:

  • you – getting to know you helps us tailor our MC style and if this includes us becoming friends, even better and lucky us!
  • event type and size
  • guests and speakers
  • location (you may opt to have the second session located at your venue for a practice of the runsheet)
  • MC style preferences (formal, humourous, engaging with guests, activities)
  • order and timing of events
  • events you will have, such as speeches, bouquet/garder throwing, first dance or cake cutting
  • event coordinator and our point of contact
  • contingency plans if unforeseen circumstances arise.

A comprehensive runsheet.

This runsheet will detail every event and event time, announcement, name, activity or speech that you require. From announcing guests/wedding party, guest bios, names of special guests, up until the final minute of your event will be detailed in the run sheet, to ensure we have an accurate depiction of your event.

One-and-a-half-hour preparation on your event.

We arrive one-and-a-half-hours prior to the start of your event for preparation. This includes testing the microphone/equipment available, getting acquainted with your DJ and/or event coordinator (to acquire information on emergency exits, amenities, changes to schedule), check on contractor arrivals (such as wedding cake, banners, seating plans, DJ/band) and check other elements of your event that you require.

Two-man team at your event.

Chris is dedicated to being the MC while Clara coordinates Chris and your runsheet. Both of us help you to:

  • organise and announce your speakers/wedding party
  • ensure your guests know where they need to be and what is happening while remaining engaged and enjoying themselves (this is tailored to the type of event)
  • ensure everything is running smoothly, including your venue services
  • relax and enjoy your event.

Reliable assistance with handling any issues.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves in providing reliable assistance with handling any issues/unexpected changes that may occur during the event.

So, if the food is running late, a guest speaker is not on time, your DJ is not playing the music you requested or the best man has had a little too much to drink, you don’t have to worry. As your MC, and as any friend would do in our role, we help take care of everything as best we can so that your event is a success.

How to hire us

Upon deciding that you want ChrisMC to host your event, simply contact us to organise a booking. If we are available on the date of your event, we will schedule you in and get the ball rolling. Below is a guide of what to expect while we are preparing for your special event.

1. Confirmation of booking and payment of deposit.

Upon payment of a 20% deposit, your booking is confirmed and we will be in contact with you to begin our preparation and organise time to meet with you.

The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel your booking one month before the event.

2. Catching up for our first meeting (six weeks before your event).

We talk about:

  • you. We value providing a genuine experience for you and your guests, and knowing who you are helps us create the atmosphere you want for your event
  • logistics – location, time, event size
  • family – who they are, do you have any funny stories, who is the wedding party, who are your guests and guest speakers
  • how you want your event to run.

3. Catching up for our second meeting (three weeks before your event)

We talk about:

  • the detail – timing of events, meals, dances, special presentations, music
  • contacts – we look after it all for you on the day of your event. That includes dealing with the venue coordinator, complaints, DJ, staff and other contractors on your behalf
  • style – confirm the kind of atmosphere you want
  • contingencies – our role is to keep your event running smoothly, back-up plans are essential if anything changes at the last minute.

We can have this meeting at your event location so we can become acquainted with the venue and venue contacts.

4. You receive the final runsheet and invoice (one week before your event).

Payment of the remaining balance is due once you approve the final runsheet. We organise this one week before your event as everything is usually finalised by then and any changes can be incorporate in your runsheet.

5. We see you at your event.

We arrive at your event one and a half hours in advance, prepared and determined to make your event one to remember.