About Us

We are a team of two, each with different skills and capabilities, making us an incredible team to host your event.

This is what makes us unique – you get two of us for the price of one! Your MC can literally be in two places at once diligently hosting and running your event.

Chris Boules, master of ceremonies.

Chris Boules

  • The talent – the Master of Ceremonies (MC).
  • A life-time experience of being the life of the party or the person who breaks the ice.
  • Approachable, reliable, funny (makes-it-his-job-to-make-you-laugh kind of funny) and a comfortable public speaker.
  • Genuinely loves people and makes friends with everyone he meets.
  • Experience with being the MC at weddings (whether it was planned or impromptu) and catering his MC style to the event.
  • Tech guru by trade so any technical issues on the day of your event are covered.

Clara Boules, master of ceremonies coordinator.

Clara Boules

  • The one behind the scenes.
  • The one you will talk to when you contact us.
  • Coordinator, organiser, time manager.
  • Experience with organising corporate and social events, preparing run sheets for corporate events and weddings, and coordinating an MC and guest speakers.
  • Education – Bachelor of Business.

How it all began

When we were planning our wedding in 2006, we hadn’t considered or booked an MC. We were literally waiting outside our reception to come in… but there was no one to announce us! Thankfully, the restaurant manager, after asking us who our MC was and seeing the blank look on our faces, volunteered to be our MC. It was a good thing we had a detailed wedding itinerary with us that he used to announce the main events.

In the grand scheme of things that could go wrong in life, this was not a big deal. But, it did spark an interest in how important an MC is to any special event.

Over the years, Chris was repeatedly asked by family, friends and even friends of friends to be the MC of their wedding or birthday party. Even though it took time to prepare, we always enjoyed bringing happiness to them and their guests, and looking after things so they could relax. Their incredible feedback is what inspired us to finally continue this professionally and bring the same level of service and enthusiasm to your event.