ChrisMC, master of ceremonies brisbane, with microphone.

The MC service with an edge - a team of two!

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We put a professional and entertaining final touch to any event.

Our Master of Ceremonies (MC) service is a little different. When you hire ChrisMC, you get our MC, Chris, plus a coordinator!

Chris has a unique personality – witty, approachable, funny (a comedian at heart), charming and very likable. It’s difficult to adequately describe Chris on paper but our testimonials attest to his character and the value he brings to events as an MC.

Clara is the planner and organiser behind the scenes – the person you may see depicted in movies with an ear piece and a clipboard (or iPad).

Yes, you get two of us, for the price of one!

Your MC can literally be in two places at once! Imagine a guest speaker is late at your function and your MC is simultaneously entertaining your guests, and locating and preparing your guest for their speech, all without an obvious interruption to the event.

This is cost effective, time efficient and most importantly, the show always goes on when we are hosting it. It’s why we consider ourselves ‘the final touch to any event’.

ChrisMC operates out of Brisbane and will service all surrounding areas and interstate.

The ChrisMC purpose

We aim to be an MC you can rely on.

We promise to provide a professional, dedicated and personalised MC service.

We will make your event one to remember.